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Water and heating thermostat with digital display

The CCC has suggested phasing out the installation of fossil fuel boilers by 2033 - but is this ambitious enough?

17th Dec 2020

The Climate Change Committee recently released their proposed target for the Sixth Carbon Budget; suggesting a challenging 78% emissions reduction beyond 1990 levels. To achieve this, they have Read more

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Boris Johnson’s Ten Point Plan: Clean and green, but is it enough to support the decarbonisation of heat?

19th Nov 2020

Boris Johnson has launched his Ten Point Plan for a green industrial revolution. Ahead of COP26, this aims to show how committed Government is in making the UK a world leader in sustainability. Read more


The Future Homes Standard: Is 2023 the new 2025 (for a 75-80% carbon emission reduction)?

19th Nov 2020

The Ten Point Plan may have just announced intentions for an earlier introduction of the Future Homes Standard than previously planned. Picked up by industry and the media alike, the initial Read more

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Do you have to comply with Government’s notional building types?

5th Aug 2020
Do you have to comply with Government’s notional building types?

As Part L and Part F are rewritten to reflect the Government’s proposals within the Future Homes Standard, specifiers are facing Read more

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What are the installation options for a ground source heat pump (GSHP)?

24th Jul 2020

There are three installation options with a GSHP; each one requiring slightly different considerations. These options are trenches, boreholes and installations next to large bodies of water, such Read more

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What do you need to consider with a ground source heat pump (GSHP)?

20th Jul 2020

There are three key considerations when specifying a ground source heat pump (GSHP); installation, energy efficiency and aesthetics.

Installation considerations for a ground source heat pump Read more