Creating 'insta-worthy' spaces with flame

There’s nothing like the appeal of a fireplace.

We are attracted to it instantly and start to feel relaxed and calm as we watch the flames dance in the fireplace. Consequently, the fireplace is pretty powerful and the reason why it is often the focal point of a room. People naturally gather around it, but, it is also a design feature — one which can be used to make a statement and add to the aesthetic appeal of a space.

And aesthetics is certainly something which we have found to be a priority for architects and designers. In fact, our recent research  identified that 60% of them place aesthetics as their highest priority when designing a space. And using a fireplace, or flame technology, can address this. Karen Howes , chief executive at an interior design company, uses the fireplace as an integral part of her designs due to its ability to create a dramatic effect within a room. Additionally,  the most luxurious London apartments use fire ‘walls’ to create screens between areas as well as a fireplace.    




But aesthetic appeal is not only a priority for luxury living...

Restaurants also understand that today’s customers want good food in an aesthetically appealing environment. Starbucks is a prime example of this with its comfortable couches and appealing décor, but a fireplace could also add to the appeal and ambience. It could even make the venue more ‘insta-worthy.’

Instagram is hugely affecting the hotel and travel market, especially with millennials. According to Expedia and reported in the Independent,  the biggest priority for 18-34-year-olds when travelling abroad is how ‘instagrammable’ their destination is. Hotel G in Singapore recognises this very well and all its design has been carried out to create ‘cosy spaces’ which look good on its customers’ Instagram feeds.


Singapore Hotel

However, using flame as a design element and incorporating it into some spaces can pose challenges around health and safety, cost and building regulations. Electric flame technology provides a solution as not only does it create realistic looking flames, but because there is no combustion, there are no issues to consider around health and safety or greenhouse gases.

The Instagram generation not only want to capture perfect images for their Instagram feed, they are also concerned about the environment. Electric flame technology is the ideal approach for designers to produce aesthetically pleasing spaces and address the sustainability goals of individuals and businesses. 

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