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Delving into design

Design and aesthetics play a crucial role in the built environment today. Architects and designers are tasked with creating welcoming, aspirational and beautiful spaces that inspire and delight people. Whether that’s a home, hotel lobby or restaurant, the importance of design can’t be underestimated; even though there are a lot of other elements to consider when delivering a project, like budget, resources and deadlines.

With that in mind, Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation wanted to understand the challenges architects and designers face when it comes to creating that perfect environment, the role that technology plays, and the future trends they anticipate.

Our research report - Delving into Design: Trends, technology and the future of the built environment - sets out the findings from our research, including:

  • Cost and keeping on top of innovation are the main challenges for designers and architects
  • Technology continues to impact the built environment, from visualisation software, to VR and IoT
  • Flame technology has a definite role to play in design with designers and architects keen to use it.

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