Direct Acting Panel Heating

An energy efficient, cost-effective and flexible solution to provide heating to residential and commercial spaces

The decarbonising electrical grid

The electrical grid is rapidly decarbonising due to the increased role of renewable technologies within its energy mix. This is making electric heating solutions, such as direct acting panel heating, increasingly specifiable for meeting the heating requirements of a space, especially with the electrification of heat to meet stricter environmental targets.

High energy efficiency

Direct acting panel heaters are 100% efficient at the point of use and can be specified with a range of electronic controls to maximise operation. Accurate thermostats combined with low-inertia products mean that a room can be held at the temperature required without temperature ‘drift’, increasing thermal comfort.

Cost effective flexibility

Due to simplified installation processes compared to alternative systems, electric solutions can often provide many installation benefits, including cost savings. The ‘greener grid’ also allows for a single service to be introduced into a building, as electrical connections cover the needs for the heating as well as energy for appliances.



Make the most of decarbonisation

As electrical grid becomes greener, building specifiers can gain many compliance benefits from employing electrical solutions. Download our tip sheet on how to make the most of this decarbonisation.

direct heating

Direct acting panel heating

Direct acting panel heating is a flexible, cost effective and increasingly low carbon solution available with a range of controls – but what are the different specification options and how can they benefit your projects?

electric heating options

Electric heating options

There are two kinds of electric space heating technologies, each with their own benefits and applications. This is why we have created this infographic on the electric heating and high heat retention storage heating.

Why choose electric panel heating for your next project?

Lower capital cost icon

Lower capital costs

Removed need for gas icon

Removed need for gas

No required pipework icon

No required pipework

No oversized plant icon

No oversized plant

Faster build time icon

Faster build time

Greater design flexibility icon

Greater design flexibility

Lower overheating risk icon

Lower overheating risk

No complex billing icon

No complex billing arrangements or heat meters

No risk of leaks icon

No risk of leaks

No service or maintenance costs icon

No service / maintenance costs

No flue runs or boiler condensate pipework icon

No flue runs or boiler condensate pipework

Direct acting panel heating

one part of a residential electrical solution 

Combining panel heating with a hot water heat pump provides a low carbon solution for heating and hot water which includes an on-site renewable contribution. For apartments, this will also remove the need for a central plant for heating requirements, as the production of hot water is generated in each local apartment, through a single energy source.


Speak to our experts

GDHV is home to an extensive range of electric heating solutions, being the parent company to brands such as Dimplex, Creda and Campa. Our products come in a range of aesthetics and sizes to meet your needs, with our internal Applications Design team on hand to aid in the SAP calculations of your development.

To find out how direct acting panel heating can be applied to your design or to request our Part L Compliance with Electric Heating CPD, contact us to be put in contact with your regional specialist.