Fan Coil Refurbishment

Fan coil component upgrades to increase energy efficiency, lower operational costs and improving occupant comfort.

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HVAC Refurbishment Solution

When looking to increase the energy efficiency or lower the running bills of an existing fan coil system, component refurbishment can be a beneficial option when compared to unit replacement. Through our fan coil brand, Ability, we are able to offer a dedicated fan coil refurbishment service, aimed at getting you the best from your existing system with minimal disruption.


Increase energy efficiency and cut costs

Upgrading FCU components, such as the motor assembly and introducing energy-saving controls, can cut energy usage by over 50% (when comparing EC and AC motors), lowering energy use while improving unit output.

Improve air quality and occupant health

Maintaining units and upgrading fans and filter can improve air quality within a building and help to keep staff in good health or make a system operate as designed for building use changes.

Increase occupant comfort

By refurbishing an existing FCUs, especially with upgraded controls, the system can return to peak operational performance. This creates a more temperate, responsive system to keep occupants thermally comfortable, whilst also addressing acoustic performance.

Benefit financially

The refurbishment option has many cost benefits. It is far less disruptive, as work is able to take place whilst the office remains open. It means that no relocation of staff or equipment is needed. In comparison to replacement, refurbishment allows you to save on delivery, removal and disposal costs.

Combined packages

Any FCU system pre-2007 is likely to have a fixed speed AC fan. Upgrading to an EC motor and upgraded controls can add a variable air volume strategy which will increase the energy savings further. Added to this is the potential to implement system monitoring and adjustment from a BMS head end.

Product specification

When it comes to existing fan coil systems, we understand that one strategy may not be suitable for all. This is why we offer site surveys to analyse the best course of action for your building. Where fan coil refurbishment is the best option, we are able to offer full supply and fit upgrades, on components such as:

Component Description Benefit
Fan/motor deck Single and multiple fan/motor replacement Increased energy performance, reducing OPEX

Lower maintenance requirements and prolonged unit life

Noise reduction**
Coils* Replacement monoblock coils for LTHW and CHW units Maintained system performance
Valves Replace existing 2 or 4 port valves, or upgrade to PICV or ePIVs Maintained system performance

ePIVs allow for the flow rate to be set and adjusted remotely if control system is suitable
Actuators Replacement of actuators Maintained system performance
Fan coil controllers Upgrading or replacing fan coil controllers within the unit Increased system controllability, aimed at lowering energy consumption to reduce bills
Wall controllers Replacement wall units On-site increased controllability adding to occupant comfort
Filters Replacement or filter upgrades Cleaner air supply, reducing airborne particulates

Reduced motor pressure, prolonging unit life
Condensate pans Replacement of condensate pans Reduced risk of leaks, leading to stained ceilings
Acoustic insulation Replacement of insulation internal to the fan coil Reduced noise**
*Available subject to site survey to assess viability
** Where relevant to the component

Site Surveys

To make sure you have the information you need to decide the best approach for an existing fan coil system, we are able to offer site surveys to analyse the best course of action for your building and, where refurbishment is the best option, we can offer a full fan coil refurbishment service to improve the systems performance. We can provide this service for FCUs no longer in production and from any other manufacturers.

Technical Resources

Visit our technical resources page to learn more about fan coils, including the benefits of refurbishment, spec sheets, guides and white papers.

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We are able to offer hands on fan coil training for those who wish to learn more about how a fan coil works and the components with.

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