Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs)

Efficient brine-to-water units sourcing renewable energy from the ground or boreholes to provide heating and cooling services to all building types.

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ground source heat pump
ground source heat pump
ground source heat pump

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps (GSHP) offer a greater all year-round efficiency compared to an air source or water source heat pump alternative. They do require early consideration, however, due to the space needed to bury the ground loop or factor in digging a borehole.

Benefits and Application

Efficiency and range

The energy efficiency of our units can be seen through their Coefficient of Performance (COP). Our GSHPs have a COP of circa 5.0+ at a water temperature of 35°C. We offer both high temperature and reversible units, with MCS approved and ETL listed ranges.

Testing and standards

Our heat pumps are tested to the latest EN standards, including EN15316, EN14511 and EN14825. We use our advanced testing facilities within our German and Irish factories to ensure we are giving you accurate information and products that perform to the standards you require.

Application Design

Applying single or cascaded GSHPs to your design can be difficult, which is why our specialist engineers are on hand to offer you advice. When specifying our products, we will offer guidance on required buffer vessels and water cylinders, alongside hydraulic schematic advice.

Product specification

We offer a range of three phase ground source heat pumps for commercial and residential projects:

Product Range Description Nominal Rating at B0/W35* Controller Max Flow Temp
SITU Brine-to-water heat pumps 18 - 22kW WPM ECONPLUS controller

This is a BMS compatible controller via additional plug in cards, able to work with BACnet and ModBus
SITU inc. circulation pumps Brine-to -water units including a circulation pump 26-130kW 62°C
SIH High temperature brine-to-water heat pump 20 - 90kW 70°C
SITUR+ Reversible brine-to-water heat pump with waste heat recovery 130kW 58°C
*B0= brine temperature at 0°C / W35= water temperature 35°C Brine refers to a water anti-freeze mix

Technical Resources

To download information on GDHV solutions, including BIM files, spec sheets and product and compliance guides, view our Technical Resources page.

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We have a number of CIBSE accredited heat pump CPDs, including on ground source heat pump collectors, hydronic distribution and passing building regulations with heat pumps.

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