Zeroth Energy System

An advanced communal ambient loop solution using in-apartment heat pumps to provide building services to residential apartments.

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Zeroth Energy System

This innovative system has been designed in conjunction with leading industry developers, recognising the need for a new, highly efficient communal solution for residential apartments.

The Zeroth Energy Systems takes a compact, in-apartment water source heat pump, ambient loop solution and central plant to offer heating, hot water, and comfort cooling to apartment developments as a commercially and advantageous solution.

Suitable for offsite prefabrication, including utility pods

Flexible choice of plant technology, apartment controls and hydronic emitters

Up to a 50% reduction in plant room footprint

Reduces overheating in communal areas and peak heat losses by up to 90%


Cost effective comfort cooling through a two-pipe system


System efficiency of greater than 300% when modelled with an air source heat pump in SAP 2012


In-apartment heat pumps provide efficient HVAC services

The advantages of heat pumps are available across multiple applications but are best placed in well-insulated buildings where the heat pump effects on furthering the building efficiency can be realised. Apartments can benefit from a system where all the heating, cooling and hot water supply is provided by an in-apartment heat pump.
A heat pump may also be integrated with a specific function, such as mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, to maximise the energy cycle. The system can work together with another energy source, such a traditional combustion boiler but also integrate with a fully renewable source like solar PV system. In addition to the primary function of a heat pump to deliver HVAC services, the excess energy generated can be discharged into thermal storage systems, or buffer tanks, to provide a more efficient on-demand service for heating and cooling without the need to short cycle the system when the demand is low. This creates a more efficient and sustainable communal ambient network.

Product specification

The Zeroth unit is a water source heat pump which connects to an ambient water loop designed at 25oC. This loop is kept within operating temperatures by a central plant.

Product RangeDescriptionNominal Rating at S25/W35*Cylinder SizeControllerMax Flow Temp
Zeroth Energy SystemA water-to-water in-apartment heat pump connecting to an ambient network to provide heating, hot water, and cooling services to residential apartments.4 & 6.4kW172LIn-built user-friendly controls, with option for external inputs to third party controllers55°C heating
*S25= Source temperature at 25°C / W35= water temperature 35°C

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Technical Resources

For Zeroth Energy System BIM files, spec sheets and product information, alongside solution brochures and compliance guides, visit out technical resource page.

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To learn more, book a CPD on the benefits of ambient networks or on the Future Homes Standard to see how it performs in upcoming regulatory changes.

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