GDHV's innovative hot water heat pump technology supports major social housing developer in building to Future Homes Standard (FHS) today

Project 80 - Building to Future Homes Standard today

GDHV's innovative hot water heat pump technology supports major social housing developer in building to Future Homes Standard (FHS) today


The goal of the ground-breaking Project 80 in Birmingham was to deliver homes built to the Future Homes Standard using the technologies available on the market today. We were chosen to support the project with our regulatory expertise and supply innovative low carbon technologies familiar to the occupiers, capable of providing hot water and space heating for a net zero carbon home of the future.


As a leading social housing developer, Midland Heart have put their tenants at the heart of the project. They understand the importance of installing innovative technologies that are easy to use and efficiently deliver hot water and space heating. 


Tony Hopkin, Head of Construction, Quality, and Innovation at Midland Heart outlines the challenge posed by the 80% carbon emissions reduction target: 


"Due to the tougher building fabric requirements and introduction of low-carbon forms of heating and hot water, we're conscious that many of our residents will not be familiar with the technologies that will be used within properties built to the FHS, nor how to get the most out of their new more hi-tech homes." 


Midland Heart looked to Glen Dimplex Heating and Ventilation (GDHV) to provide a low carbon solution where a hot water only heat pump delivers the highest energy demand in the dwelling, hot water. The energy demand for space heating (which is relatively small due to the highly energy efficient fabric) can then be met flexibly, in this case with direct acting panel heaters with smart controls and energy efficiency features.  


Project 80 - Edel hot water heat pump by GDHV

How does the Edel hot water heat pump work?

The Edel hot water heat pump was chosen as a highly efficient solution that is relatively simple to install without the need for a specialist low carbon technology contractor. It has a coefficient of performance (COP) of 3.36, meaning that for every kWh of energy it consumes, it can supply up to 3.36 kWh of energy in return. By comparison, a modern gas boiler has, on average, a maximum COP of 0.96.


The hot water heat pump is an internally installed product, requiring no external unit. It is integrated within a 200-litre hot water cylinder and fits into a standard size service cupboard. It draws energy from a ducted external air supply, converting it into heat and efficiently delivering hot water to the residents up to a temperature of 60°C.  


The Edel hot water heat pump can be controlled by the Dimplex control app using a radio frequency (RF) that has no impact on the Wi-Fi. This provides a greater communication range for the occupier's completely convenient, reliable wireless control. 


Want to know more about this solution and whether it would suit your development? Contact our specification team to discuss the application of this hybrid solution.