How do I know what capacity fan coil I need?

Working out what capacity fan coil unit you need requires a lot of factors to be taken into consideration from the outset of a project, including solar gains. These include building orientation, geographical location, envelope construction materials and infiltration alongside internal gains such as lighting, equipment and occupancy. These will have to be considered with any potential plans to install solar shading, as they all have an impact on the predicted performance of a building.

These calculations are generally done by the consultant using thermal modelling systems such as Hevacomp or BIM, to enable them to provide the manufacturer with the peak heating and cooling loads. This can then be used to meet the internal design temperatures.

This detail is crucial for a manufacturer as it is what they use to base their design recommendations on and will assist in ensuring the most effective and efficient solution is specified. It also makes it easier for the manufacturer to offer a solution that is not oversized (which could reduce efficiency and be more costly) and also not undersized (which could potentially mean the buildings demands will not be met).

Fan coil versatility

Fan coil units are an energy efficient and design led solution for a variety of applications in both new build and existing projects. They are also a futureproofed and adaptable solution, providing flexibility should the space or building purpose change, impacting the demands required.

To find out more about the fan coil solutions offered by GDHV or to discuss a specific project in more detail, contact our team of industry experts who will be happy to help. GDHV offer CIBSE accredited CPDs to assist with design and specification of fan coils and heat pumps, contact us to discuss your booking.