Mechanical extract ventilation

A flexible solution for continuous extraction of moisture and stale air from wet rooms in residential and smaller commercial buildings

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Mechanical ventilation
Mechanical ventilation
Mechanical ventilation

Centralised mechanical extract ventilation (cMEV)

Centralised mechanical extract ventilation (cMEV) systems are becoming more important for maintenance of adequate indoor air quality as the permeability of both residential and commercial buildings is reduced through improvements in building fabric. Our multipoint ventilation units can be installed horizontally or vertically in a central space and, via a highly efficient operation, continuously deliver filtered air throughout a dwelling.




The energy efficient technology of the SmartRad when partnered with a heat pump helps to optimise the heat pump’s Coefficient of Performance (COP), further reducing the carbon emissions and energy consumption of the building.

Ease of Installation

Components are designed to come apart and be lighter than other like-for-like solutions making installation easier reducing time on site. 

Data Logger

Our RF controlled MEV systems come with a built-in datalogger to record daily use, allowing landlords and local authorities to monitor activity, helping prevent damage to their properties through condensation and mould.  



Model Xplus 2AC Xplus 2EC Xplus 2EC RF Xplus 2 EC RFH
Motor Type AC EC EC EC
Speeds 4 3 2 4
Max Extract Performance (FID, m3/h) 155/237/329/471 550 (fully adjustable) 550 (fully adjustable) 550 (fully adjustable)
Maximum Power 13.4/23.9/35/58 79 79 79
Sound Pressure Level (dBA@3m) n/a 20/30/45 20/47 20/30/37/47
Humidistat n/a
RF Controllable - -


We offer a range of accredited CPDs aimed at giving you technical and compliance information. This includes CPDs on heat pumps, ambient networks and on the Future Homes Standard and upcoming changes to Part L and Part F.

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Application Design

Our team of engineers can offer an initial design recommendation for your heating and cooling system, including an energy source such as a heat pump. All designs are to the relevant specification, building and occupant requirements, and budget.

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To find out how your project could benefit from mechanical extract ventilation or to discuss your project in more detail, speak to one of our HVAC specialists.

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