Mechanical ventilation

Circulating fresh air via ducts and fans to meet air quality requirement with the most effective solution

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Mechanical ventilation is an important part of any development and specifying the right system type and product, and understanding its design and installation needs, is vital. GDHV has ventilation specialists and purpose-designed products which can benefit your project throughout every stage of the process.

intermittent fans

Intermittent ventilation

Intermittent ventilation, otherwise known as local extract fans, operate intermittently under either occupant or automatic control. They are installed through walls, windows or ceilings and are fitted within wet rooms to provide rapid extraction of moisture and other pollutants.

mechanical extraction ventilation

Mechanical extract ventilation

Mechanical extract ventilation is a ventilation system designed to continuously extract air from wet rooms. There are two types of MEV available, centralised (cMEV) whole house systems and de-centralised (dMEV) through wall solutions.

mechanical ventilation with heat recovery

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery is a continuous, balanced ventilation system with heat recovery capabilities, combining supply and extract ventilation in one unit for developments with low air permeability.

Features and benefits:


We offer a range of mechanical ventilation solutions designed with industry and compliance in mind, and our ventilation specialists are on hand to help you specify the best solutions to meet your project’s requirements.


With systems such as MVHR, we are able to engage with building designers to understand building layouts and help to produce detailed ducting drawings, to ensure every bend and run creates the most effective system possible. This can maximise the energy performance of the system once the building is complete and can act as an aid during the installation process.


At GDHV, our ventilation products have been designed with a heavy focus on ease of installation. We know that the issues associated with mechanical ventilation such as noise, increased time spent on complex installation and the challenge of product and ducting inflexibility can be mitigated at the point of product design, helping you to keep a high quality of ventilation installation during construction.


As effective installation is so important to the operational performance of the product; we offer a course to help your engineers gain BPEC certification. Our BPEC training has already been utilised by companies across the industry, resulting in positive effects onsite. These courses can be run at one of our regional training centres or at contractors’ premises using our purpose-built mobile unit.

Technical Resources

Visit our technical resource page to download information on a range of our mechanical ventilation systems, including BIM files, spec sheets and product information.

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We have a range of CIBSE accredited CPDs available for you to request, including one on the benefits of mechanical ventilation and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.

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If you wish to discuss our range of mechanical ventilation solution in more detail, or wish to discuss a project, get in contact and will put you in touch with your regional specialist.

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