The Natural Air 350: An MVHR unit designed for a changing market

In the lead up to Approved Document F being updated by Government, we are pleased to launch our latest MVHR unit, created with changing market requirements as part of its core design.

At GDHV, we base all new product development on the requirements of our customers alongside our input from our regulatory specialists - and our latest MVHR unit is no exception.

The Natural Air 350 offers efficient, balanced ventilation that produces healthy indoor air quality while saving energy with its efficient EC ball-bearing motor. Listed within SAP Appendix Q, this whole-house ventilation system it ideal for four to five bed properties and has been designed for ease of installation as MVHR grows in specification.


Key features include:

• Clever humidity control: A unique, active humidistat reacts in real-time to gradual increases in humidity

• Hassle-free maintenance: Designed with simple access to fans, filters and the heat exchanger

• Silent operation: Sound absorbing EPP material dampens noise whilst a direct airflow path minimises the internal pressure drop, resulting in a quieter operation

• Energy efficient design: An efficient heat exchanger and unit specific fan configuration sit alongside a G4 filter aimed at improving indoor air quality whilst addressing energy use

• Ease of installation: Two lightweight unit sections within a metal case and an EPP structural foam body reduces installation time and complexity onsite


Applying MVHR to your design

At GDHV we engage with industry throughout the specification, design and installation process.

When it comes to MVHR, we are able to provide advice on system specification, propose in-depth ducting designs and suggest the optimum position for the unit to make the system as effective as possible.

To discuss MVHR and applying the Natural Air 350 to your design, fill in our contact form to be put in touch with your regional specialist. Alternatively, you can request our Mechanical Ventilation CPD via our CPD page.