Pre-Release Statement: Spring Statement 2019

Today, Wednesday 13th March 2019, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond will present the Spring Statement to Parliament. It is expected that this will announce the introduction of a Future Homes Standard and address the growing need for energy efficient solutions.

The introduction of the Future Homes Standard for new builds will be another positive move towards achieving net zero carbon dwellings in the future and ensuring UK homes benefit now from being highly efficient. The introduction of this new standard is in response to a legal commitment to the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

Along with other legal requirements, such as carbon budgets, we are likely to see an increase of regulatory measures in the industry, aimed at encouraging homes which are fit for the future. As this could cause radical change for construction, industry bodies have been spending time analysing what this actually means and where changes need to happen to our current traditional techniques and processes.

In February 2019 the Committee on Climate Change released their latest report on UK Housing: Fit for the future?, which suggests a required overhaul of how UK homes are supplied with energy. More recently the SEA's response to how the Buildings Mission to halve energy use by 2030 can be achieved, highlights the need to future proof todays developments in readiness for the required changes.


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As we transition to a low carbon, low energy future, we are likely to see a change in the HVAC strategies used in building design. This indicates an increase in the specification of renewable technologies, especially where dominant energy loads can be fulfilled in a low carbon way. Heat pump technology provides a potential solution, supplying homes with the required energy through recent innovations which are transforming how this technology can be applied.

At GDHV, we are dedicated to understanding how we can manufacture HVAC solutions today, which are viable for the industry and suitable for future demand. We are already beginning to see that the industry understands the challenge that lies ahead in meeting the legally binding targets.

We look forward to the Spring Statement and working with stakeholders in the industry to design, develop and implement viable solutions which can help to meet these goals.