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Dynamic and versatile flame technologies

As a builder, designer or architect, you’re tasked with balancing sustainability, safety and efficiency with innovation and design. It’s not easy and you use every tool at your disposal to create inspirational and enlightening spaces that meet the desired requirements.

Our flame technologies can help you reach your objectives and breathe life into any project with realistic, stimulating and beautiful flame effects.

leisure and hospitality

Leisure and hospitality

From hotel lobbies, restaurants and bars, to theatres, galleries and museums, our range of electric flame solutions help you create that perfect, welcoming ambience and inspirational visitor experience. Whether your intention is to encourage guests to stay longer, promote tranquillity or showcase your commitment to sustainability and efficiency, our range of technologies can deliver.

historic and heritage properties

Historic and heritage properties

Restoration projects can be challenging, especially working within the confines of listed buildings. Our realistic flame effect technologies enable you to restore vintage sites to their former glory, overcoming installation and regulatory hurdles and keeping to the style of the times, while remaining efficient and sustainable.


Residential property development

Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation’s electric flame mimics real fire and gives you an extra dimension to include in your design, adding value and atmosphere to any project, from a housing estate to a luxury home development. In addition, with ease of installation, minimal maintenance and excellent energy efficiency, the benefits of using our technology are practical and tangible.

commercial property development

Commercial property development

Whether you are working on a new build or retrofit project, adding electric flame technology to your design allows you to create an attractive and welcoming space with a range of products that are energy efficient, low maintenance and easy to install.



While ‘real’ fire installations might be inappropriate for healthcare settings, our electric flame technology ensures that the benefits of flame, such as comfort, perceived warmth and relaxation, can still be enjoyed. Create an atmosphere of comfort, peace and wellbeing for patients, residents and visitors with our innovative range of flame effects.



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