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Inspirational spaces for modern living

Meeting cost, deadlines and design requirements in a shifting regulatory environment is a challenge for any new build, whether luxury homes or an estate project. With so many things to consider, how do you create desirable homes? One of the ways is by using electric flame technology to craft inspirational, beautiful spaces that are welcoming and comfortable whatever the time of year.


Explore the benefits

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Low maintenance,
cost-effective operation


Delivering an aesthetically pleasing yet cost-effective design is now easier than ever before, with electric flame combining style and cost savings with minimal maintenance requirements

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Ease of use
and installation


With no requirement for a chimney or working flue, our electric products can be specified at design stage, or installed further along project timelines, into existing spaces or newly developed niches. New occupants will find them easy to use with no need for additional setup

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Flexibility and


Designed to meet a host of requirements , our range of flame effects bring a new level of agility to design projects, helping you add value and desirability to new developments

Sustainable solutions

As both the industry and the end-user become ever more aware of sustainability targets, finding the perfect design feature for projects becomes a challenge. From one-off luxury homes and housing developments, to apartment buildings and student accommodation, our range of flame solutions can be used to bring any space to life in a cost-effective and sustainable way.

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Optimyst uses ultrasonic technology to create the world’s most realistic electric flame effect with an ultra-fine water mist that delivers the convincing illusion of flame and smoke. The Optimyst is incredibly versatile and using our technology you can create bespoke solutions which perfectly match the style, taste and requirements of individual projects.



The Opti-V uses HD TV technology to create an ultra-realistic flickering flame with 3D LED logs that sporadically spark and create an incredibly authentic flame effect. This can be enjoyed regardless of time or location as heat is optional , and the environment remains comfortable. They are safe, risk free , and can be specified according to individual project requirements.



Optiflame produces a convincing 2D flame effect, springing from a deep flame bed. The range includes multiple design options that complement both traditional and modern spaces .



The Valor and Faber gas ranges from Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation offer efficiency, safety and style in one package. Our solutions provide the perfect balance of practicality and style.

Add value to your building projects

With safety a top priority, electric flame fireplaces bring an added dimension of splendour and flare to homes with the assurance of regulatory compliance. This innovative technology can be used to create a focal point for a living room, an enhancement to a bedroom or a design feature in an entrance hall – the possibilities are limitless. Our solutions have been developed in line with relevant legislation, and can be customised to meet other regulatory needs as demanded by the project.

Regulatory compliance

All of our electric flame solutions comply with the following regulations and can be developed to meet other specific legislation:

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BS 7671

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Ecodesign compliance

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British Electrotechnical Approvals Board (BEAB) certified

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IP Rating / EN 60529

Technology in action

Designer vision

When award-winning designer Johnny Egg was commissioned to bring style and glamour to a new home in North London, he created a bespoke centrepiece cabinet for a large-scale living room. Key to the design of the piece was an integrated fire, and the Opti-V was selected for the project due to its amazing presence and functionality. Opti-V creates the warming glow of ‘flames’ and ‘burning embers’ without unwelcome heat in warmer months and without the installation challenges that would normally be associated with other fuel types.

“I’ve tried a number of fires over the years within furniture installations but it wasn’t until I saw the Dimplex Opti-V effect that I thought ‘this is the one’. It offered the size I needed to create a centrepiece in an unusually large room, but it also offered the realism that I needed too. It’s the first time I’ve found an electric fire that gives me the flexibility to build around and over it, without sacrificing on the flame effect.

Johnny Egg, designer

opti-V case study