Professional Flame Technology

Creating vibrance and allure with flame technology – combining innovation, quality and functionality


Whatever your application, installation or design requirements, Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation has a Professional flame technology to meet your needs. Our innovative range is based on leading-edge technology, making us the market leading manufacturer of electric fires. We’ve developed our solutions over the years to ensure they check all the boxes, from safety and efficiency, to inspirational design pieces.



As the world’s most realistic flame effect, Optimyst balances style, safety and elegance, all in one efficient package.


Our premier range that uses HD TV technology and LED logs to create realistic flickering flames that help create ambience, comfort and flare in any space.


A realistic flame effect that adds depth and dimension to any hearth, while offering easy installation and cost-effective operation.


Characterised by innovation and quality, our gas fires meet stringent safety requirements and deliver superior warmth, comfort and efficiency.


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