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Superior gas fires, exceptional heat and safety

Exploring the technology

As the industry moves away from solid fuel fires to high efficiency gas, our range of gas fires meets the needs of today’s modern home. Developed with a combination of innovative technology and highest build quality, our products can meet a host of demanding design requirements.


Realising the benefits

The gas fire range from Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation has been developed and refined over the last decade to ensure every model delivers optimal efficiency and safety. The benefits of our range include the following features detailed below.

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Real Flames, Real Control


our gas fires harness the impact of real flames, while giving you the control and convenience expected from modern day appliances.

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Easily Maintained


Gas fires require far less day-to-day maintenance than their solid fuel counterparts, creating the perfect atmosphere without the fuss.

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True Impact


Gas fires produce both radiant and convected heat, giving you a warming glow while effectively heating the wider space.

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High Efficiency


when a high heat output is required, gas fires provide a higher efficiency than other open flame options, while utilising less fuel.

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Clean Convenience


with no ash residue and odours, natural gas is one of the cleanest sources of living flames.

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A Family of Flames


Our gas fires come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, giving you a catalogue of design options for your space.