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Virtual flame, realistic effect

Exploring the technology

A high-definition flame illusion that adds flair, elegance and vibrancy to any room, commercial space or innovative installation. Using HD TV technology, Opti-V combines ultra-realistic flickering flames with 3D LED logs that sporadically spark and create an incredibly authentic and believable flame effect.

The flame effect generates no heat which means it is safe, risk free and can be used across a host of applications where health and safety requirements are critical. It is also incredibly versatile, making it the ideal complement to design features and statement pieces within hotels, theatres or restaurants.


Realising the benefits

Opti-V delivers a bold, beautiful and brilliant alternative to real flame. As a statement piece in a hotel lobby, a design feature in a theatre production or television show, or a prominent fixture in a luxury home, this lifelike flame helps create ambience and comfort. Based on globally patented technology, Opti-V electric flame delivers several featues.

flame icon
flame icon

Realistic Flame Effect


Our most realistic flame effect yet, with high definition picture and fully adjustable crackling sound effects, the Opti-V provides a truly remarkable focal point.

minimal maintenance icon

Minimal Maintenance


It’s as easy as flicking a switch; no mess, no danger, just flick the switch when you want to create a cosy atmosphere.

no heat icon
no heat icon

No heat, no Risk


Perfect for commercial settings, most Opti-V fires don’t provide heat, meaning you can have the tantalising feel of a roaring fire, without any risk of injury.

Flexibility icon

Design Flexibility 


The Opti-V range comes in a choice of fully portable plug-in models, or built-in design pieces, giving you the opportunity to ignite your imagination.

low running costs icon
low running costs icon



With top energy efficiency, this technology is sustainable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective for end users.

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A Family of Flames


Opti-V comes in a wide range of products, giving you the choice of fully portable or built-in models for your space.

Regulatory compliance

All of our electric flame solutions comply with the following regulations and can be developed to meet other specific legislation:

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BS 7671

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Ecodesign compliance

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British Electrotechnical Approvals Board (BEAB) certified

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IP Rating / EN 60529

Technology in action

Designer vision

When award-winning designer Johnny Egg was commissioned to bring style and glamour to a new home in North London, he created a bespoke centrepiece cabinet for a large-scale living room. Key to the design of the piece was an integrated fire, and the Opti-V was selected for the project due to its amazing presence and functionality. Opti-V creates the warming glow of ‘flames’ and ‘burning embers’ without unwelcome heat in warmer months and without the installation challenges that would normally be associated with other fuel types.

“I’ve tried a number of fires over the years within furniture installations but it wasn’t until I saw the Dimplex Opti-V effect that I thought ‘this is the one’. It offered the size I needed to create a centrepiece in an unusually large room, but it also offered the realism that I needed too. It’s the first time I’ve found an electric fire that gives me the flexibility to build around and over it, without sacrificing on the flame effect.

Johnny Egg, designer

opti-V case study

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Take a closer look

Our high-definition Opti-V flame is unlike any other effect, with flickering flames that dance among glowing logs that crackle and spark audibly, yet never burn away.

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