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Ignite your imagination

Exploring the technology

Providing the beauty of a real fire with the simplicity of electric, our Optimyst range opens up a world of potential for projects of any size. It’s the perfect solution that balances beauty, style and safety. Optimyst has been specially developed for design installations, appealing to designers, developers and end-users.

Optimyst uses ultrasonic technology to create the world’s most realistic flame effect with an ultra-fine water mist that mimics flame and smoke. As the mist rises through the logs warm light is emitted which reflects against the water, creating a convincing 3D illusion of flames and smoke.

The Optimyst range offers incredible versatility in design. Individual cassettes can be arranged together to create a fire as large as the project demands. This freedom grants a huge variety of options regarding size and shape and our experts at Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation can help you to develop the perfect feature for your project.


Realising the benefits

Optimyst delivers the world’s best electric flame. Ideal for creating unique and memorable installations of all kinds, including leisure, hospitality and property development, this realistic flame effect can be fully customised according to your needs. As the system is entirely electric, there are minimal regulatory requirements to adhere to and safety is guaranteed. Based on innovative patented flame effect technology, Optimyst offers several features detailed below.

flame icon
flame icon

Realistic Flame Effect


the world’s most realistic 3D smoke effect, easily confused for the real thing!

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Minimal Maintenance 


Optimyst products give you a huge impact with minimal effort; simply top up with water and flick a switch when you want it.

heating icon
heating icon

Hot or Not


whether you require a secondary heat source, or want to create an alluring bespoke feature, the Optimyst meets your needs.

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Easy Installation


the technology is flexible and can be designed around your project requirements. Larger flame technology fires can be plumbed into water supply, which has additional benefits.

low running costs icon
low running costs icon



With low running costs, optimist can make a little clean energy go a long way. There are no carbon dioxide emissions or fumes to contend with, or dust of any kind

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A Family of Flames 


Optimyst comes in a huge range of products, giving you the flexibility to find the right product for your space.

Regulatory compliance

All of our electric flame solutions comply with the following regulations and can be developed to meet other specific legislation:

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BS 7671

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Ecodesign compliance

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British Electrotechnical Approvals Board (BEAB) certified

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IP Rating / EN 60529

Technology in action

Fire & Ice

How do you create the warmth of a Christmas fire in a Magical Ice Kingdom without melting the stage? By using the Optimyst Cassette 500.

More than 200 awe-inspiring sculptures, created from 500 tonnes of ice and snow, filled Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland arctic environment that was kept at -10° C. The temperature was necessary to maintain the integrity of the ice sculptures, but the designers enhanced the visit with audio and theatrical lighting.

To operate successfully in such extreme conditions, Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation’s R&D team created a specially adapted version of the Optimyst 500 cassette for the challenge that the creators of the Winter Wonderland’s Magic Ice Kingdom faced.

“We were delighted to be working with Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation at the Magical Ice Kingdom. The Optimyst fires were a great addition and truly impressed our visitors across the festive season.”

Stephen Flint Wood, director, PWR Events.

Magical Ice Kingdom optimyst

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Take a closer look

Our patented Optimyst technology uses ultra-fine water mist to create a truly unique, three dimensional illusion of flame that is strikingly beautiful and deceptively real.

Optimyst flame and mist gif animation