Professional Electric Fires

Innovative and inspirational flame heating solutions to dramatically enhance interiors of residential, commercial and public spaces.

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fire in wall of wedding reception
fire in wall of wedding reception
fire in wall of wedding reception

Our flame effect technology incorporates the beauty of a real fire with the simplicity and safety of an electric fire. Whether you would like to add comfort and style to a development of houses and apartments, or create a feeling of depth and warmth in a vast hotel lobby, we can help achieve your project goals.  


GDHV offers a range of electric fires to complement any interior design, with solutions suitable for commercial or residential projects of all sizes. We offer control options to suit the purpose of the space or the needs of its occupants.  


Flame Effect

Realistic fire effects make our solutions look as close to the real thing as possible, helping create desirable homes and memorable public spaces.

Cost Effective

Our electric fires offer low running costs as well as eliminating carbon dioxide emissions and fumes.

Ease of Installation

We have a range of electric fires which are quick and easy to install and can be installed at any stage of your project.

Hot or Not

Whether you require a secondary heat source, or just an alluring and elegant flame effect feature for your space.

Low Maintenance

Our stylish flame solutions offer little to no maintenance for peace of mind.

Design Freedom

GDHV offer a wide range of electrical fire technology, offering you the flexibility to specify the right solution for your project, regardless of the size and needs.

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Specification Options

Realistic flame effect √ √ √ 
Heat generation √  √ 
Flexible design √ √ *fully portable plug-ins  
Easy installation  √  √ 
Minimum maintenance √ √ √ 
Special features  3D smoke effect 3D LED logs and HD TV technology 2D flame effect 



Whether you are developing residential housing, apartments, or commercial property, our range of Professional Fires can be specified as a part of a complete low carbon HVAC solution for your project.

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Professional Fires

We have an informal and inspirational space at The Flame Studio in London’s Shoreditch and our GDHV Pro Flame website for you to experience our professional electrical fire solutions.

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To discuss our professional electric fire solutions or to see which options are available for your specific project needs, please contact one of our HVAC specialists. 

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