Residential Apartments

Providing low carbon plant to emitter HVAC solutions for residential apartments

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low temp networks
low temp networks
low temp networks

Residential Apartments

GDHV offer a range of technologies designed to support the drive for more sustainable and better performing residential apartments. Our solutions offer you greater flexibility when it comes to meeting requirements for space, aesthetics and compliance and have been designed to offer commercial benefits across the design and installation process.

GDHV Support:

From initial specification to product design and installation training, we offer end-to-end service and support. This also includes bespoke services such as witness testing for project specific fan coil systems.

Specification support

Our industry experts have extensive knowledge and experience with HVAC application and compliance to help you specify the best solution for your project. Talk to us and we’ll support you in any way we can.

Application design support

Our Application Design team can provide product advice when applying our solutions to your project. This includes the selection of products such as heat pumps, fan coils, electric heating, hot water cylinders and mechanical ventilation, complemented by installation guidance.


We can offer various CPDs relevant to residential apartment design and specification, on topics such as ambient networks, heat pumps and fan coils. We have also recently launched our CPD on the Future Homes Standard and what this means for HVAC specification.

Training programs

We are able to provide hands on product training to support projects specifying our industry-leading solutions such as the Zeroth Energy System and our Edel Hot Water Heat Pump. These can be delivered at one of our six UK Training Centres or directly on site, bringing with us all that is needed for an interactive session.


When it comes to HVAC solutions, GDHV know that each project is different and that it is not a case of one size fits all. Each specification is driven by unique project criteria, such as a desire for comfort cooling, the addition of bespoke control, or adherence to local planning requirements.

Our residential apartment solutions are all fully scalable and flexible to ensure specifiers can deliver low carbon solutions which help meet compliance.

Zeroth energy system

Combining a refrigerant-free low temperature network and in-apartment heat pumps to provide HVAC services to residential apartments.

Edel hot water heat pump

A low carbon, energy efficient solution, utilising air source heat pump technology to provide hot water in residential dwellings.

Heat pumps

Renewable energy solutions for sustainable buildings using natural sources such as air, ground and water to provide heating, cooling and hot water.


Whole house supply and extract ventilation which utilises heat recovery to create a more energy efficient system within low air permeability developments.

Technical Resources

Visit our technical resource page to view a range of our solutions which are suitable for residential apart developments, including BIM files, spec sheets and compliance guides.

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Knowledge Centre

GDHV have industry and technical specialists aimed at keeping you up to date with the latest construction sector information. Find out more on our Knowledge Centre.

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To discuss a residential apartment project or our solutions in more detail, fill out our contact form and we will pass your details onto your regional HVAC specialist.

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