Residential Housing: Alternative HVAC Solutions

At GDHV, we are often asked about alternative HVAC solutions for residential housing. When considering current legislation, regional targets and the requirements of housebuilders, we usually suggest the Edel hot water heat pump.

There has been a substantial rise in demand for HVAC solutions which can help to meet different regional requirements in residential projects, especially where traditional solutions may not be viable, either due to space or planning restrictions.

With hot water being the dominant load within new developments, a significant amount of carbon emissions can be saved during hot water production. This has seen a rise in the specification of the Edel hot water heat pump. The Edel consists of a ducted system to supply fresh air to a small air source heat pump, mounted on top of an unvented water cylinder.

One of the reasons why the Edel has increased in demand, is because it is highly efficient, with a COP of up to 3.24, offering a high renewable contribution in SAP. When paired with direct acting panel heating, this solution is a financially viable alternative to boiler-fired heating and photovoltaics (PV).

Future HVAC Specification

Solutions, such as the Edel, are only likely to increase in specification as compliance becomes focused on the reduction of energy use, alongside the reduction of carbon emissions. The industry and governmental bodies are looking at ways in which the UK is able to achieve its legally-binding targets, such as the carbon budgets, through measures such as the energy efficiency enquiry.

Looking at the goals of this enquiry, and reports released on this subject from industry bodies, such as the Committee on Climate Change, it is clear that HVAC strategies will need to change as measures to ensure our zero-carbon future are enforced.

It is therefore important for designers and specifiers to understand alternatives to today’s traditional solutions, such as the Edel hot water heat pump, and how they can impact building design. Not only are these solutions important for the future, but they also proving beneficial to housebuilders under today’s compliance measures.

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