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SAP10 - Pre-released modelling software

SAP 10 skyline

The draft SAP10 Methodology was released in August 2018 by the BRE, hinting at significant change in the industry. For the first time, alongside this, the industry was provided with draft modelling software to match proposal.

This was of benefit to a number of industry sectors, allowing many different new build stakeholders to use the software to create accurate models and see how these changes may influence their role within the construction process.

For those involved in specification design, the software gave them an opportunity to see how they may need to change their approach when designing compliant buildings in the future. This allowed them to engage with innovation early and incorporate any potential transitions into their future strategy.

As a HVAC manufacturer, it allowed us to model a number of potential scenarios and prepare our research and development roadmap to deliver the technologies required to meet the new standards. Prior to this approach manufacturers have had to meet the introduction of new regulations and software from a standing start, with a process which could take years to produce what is required.

Across the industry people have been able to interpret how the future might look and feed back a more detailed and comprehensive response to those ultimately responsible for deciding how closely the final software mirrors the draft. This includes not just the typical lobbyists close to the subject, but those more involved in the commercial application of the decisions being made.

Despite the potential for a change in direction or the introduction of new information rendering the draft software inaccurate, we would encourage the continuation of this approach to allow the industry to engage at a higher level in deciding the path ahead of it.

If you want to know more about our results from modelling HVAC solutions within this software, please contact us directly or join in the conversation on our Linkedin page.