Family on the floor playing next to radiator

Smarter Panel Heaters - powered by SmarterDM

An intelligent solution for efficient and effective heating control in hotels and student accommodation.
older couple with older son in room with radiator, yellow walls and rug on the floor
older couple with older son in room with radiator, yellow walls and rug on the floor
older couple with older son in room with radiator, yellow walls and rug on the floor

Effective control of heating in individual rooms of hotels and student accommodation can significantly cut building energy costs. Our collaboration with SmarterDM combines the reliability of the Dimplex PLXE Panel Heater with a connected smart control network technology to enable remote heating control for individual spaces within a single building or across whole estates.

The result is a networked Smarter Panel Heater technology that comes with remote monitoring, diagnostic tools and advanced reporting and automation capabilities. The complete solution can also be installed with minimum disruption of the day-to-day operation of the building.


SmarterDM is an innovative UK based software and hardware development company that delivers intuitive systems to help monitor, report and manage data in real time.


Energy efficiency

Networked Smarter Panel Heaters afford the building owners heating control over individual spaces to drive energy savings without compromising on the comfort of occupiers and guests. Advanced reporting can help identify areas of improvement and remedial action can be automated for greater and faster financial and environmental impact.

Intelligent remote control

A robust long-range (LoRa) network delivers speed and reliability to support the full Smarter Panel Heaters solution regardless of the size of the building or the estate. This network efficiency allows for gathering of large volumes of data followed by a speedy deployment of optimised control commands to maximise the operational efficiency of the Smarter Panel Heaters.

Streamlined maintenance

The solution comes with remote diagnostics to locate and remedy any unexpected faults within the network. This helps to cut time and cost of hardware maintenance whilst the self-healing capability of the network ensures uninterrupted service.

Unobtrusive installation

The installation of the Smarter Panel Heaters is fast, taking less than ten minutes per room, and doesn’t require any remedial work in the installation space. This means the impact on occupants and the building operation is kept to a minimum.

Direct Acting Panel Heaters

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Case Study

Travelodge PLC saw the installation of the Smarter Panel Heater solution across the whole UK estate. To find out more about the project and the benefits of the solution, read our case study.

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For more information on the Smarter Panel Heaters or to discuss how your building could benefit from an intelligent remote heating control network in more detail, contact our team of HVAC specialists.

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