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GDHV – Sovereign Housing: Quantum Heater communication Trial

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GDHV and Sovereign Housing are running a trial to test how Dimplex Quantum Heaters can link up with energy suppliers to provide flexibility to the energy network. Helping the UK provide energy more efficiently, reducing carbon use whilst still delivering the required comfort and control customers require.


We need your help to do this. By signing on to this trial you will be taking part in an important stepping stone towards this. Helping to shape the future of domestic energy use in the UK.

As a thank you for your participation and signing onto this trial for its six-month duration. You will receive.

A free of charge Dimplex Gateway (RRP £180) giving you remote access, via your smartphone or tablet, to monitor your heating via the Dimplex Control App. Letting you easily control and track your Quantum heaters energy usage. Any time. Anywhere.

A LOVE2SHOP voucher worth £75 for participating in the trail.

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Read the T&C’s relating to this trial here:

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The voucher will be sent to you no longer than 30 days after the completion of the trial, which will last a maximum of six months.