The therapeutic effects of flame in a healthcare setting


It’s difficult to avoid and we all occasionally suffer from it to some degree.

It’s difficult not to when we lead such busy lives. And we all recognise the signs — raised heart rate and blood pressure, clammy hands, etc., but usually the symptoms are transient, and we just get on with it.

Unfortunately, for some the symptoms are more severe and debilitating. Stress can contribute to asthma, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome and is a potential contributor to heart disease.

In some settings, such as the healthcare environment, stress can also negatively influence a patient’s health and recovery. Ironically, however, they can also be very stressful places. Consequently, anything which helps to put patients at ease, as well as their visitors, is of immense benefit and worth considering.


Flame Installation

A flame installation is one solution which can help to alleviate some of the stress and establish a more relaxing environment. We all agree that flame effects can add depth and dimension to design, but they also have the power to transform a space into a calm and serene environment. In fact, the mesmerising effects of watching a fire have been proven to improve levels of comfort and satisfaction as well as reducing blood pressure.

But real fire installations trigger, quite rightly, many concerns around health and safety, maintenance and installation. Fortunately, electric flame technology overcomes these concerns — it’s suitable for installation inwards, waiting rooms, bedrooms, etc. — the list is endless.


Fireplace logs and flames


This is because, unlike real fires, there is no open flame. The installation is cool to the touch and no smoke is produced, meaning that the technology is safe and non-polluting. Also, no chimney or working flue is required, so the installation can be performed easily and in pretty much any space. In addition, the technology is 100% energy efficient, therefore meeting sustainability and efficiency requirements.


The Benefits

It has been proved that the physical environment of healthcare settings can contribute to preventing or reducing patients' stress. Flame technology also helps to create a home-like environment which can promote a sense of healing and comfort within the patient, potentially decreasing their recovery time and length of stay.

At Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation, we have many installations and multiple design options to meet the needs of the different requirements within the healthcare setting.

From convincing 2D flame effects that spring from a deep flame bed in our Optiflame range, to ultra-realistic flickering flames with 3D LED logs that sporadically spark with Opti-V. And because no heat is generated, they can work their magic all year round.