Electric towel rails

Electric towel rails offer the convenience of a warm towel whilst delivering evenly distributed heating in the bathroom.

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bathroom with towel rail
bathroom with towel rail
bathroom with towel rail

Electric towel rails by GDHV provide a high-quality and energy efficient source of evenly distributed heat for any bathroom. Our range contains efficient high output bathroom panel heaters, electrically operated towel rails and hybrid units that can also connect to water central heating systems with an electric element providing heat when the main heating system is disabled. Designs vary from traditional to slimline units in a range of finishes. The versatility across our range of electric towel rails simplifies the specification for large scale mixed-use developments, apartments, hotels and student accommodation.



Our stylish electric towel rails come in a variety of sleek looks; compact, slimline or space-saving and choice of colours and finishes. The mindful design maximises the use of available wall space and offers high drying capability with maximum drying area.

Efficiency & Control

By running independently from any other heating system, electric towel rails can provide efficient heating without the need to utilise the central heating system. Our full range of electric towel rails is compatible with the FSCW Towel Rail Regulator and Runback Timer (IPX4 rated) that offers more temperature control and an ECO mode for added energy efficiency.

Ease of Installation

Whether it is an electric or a hybrid towel rail, installation is simple. Electrically operated units do not require pipework extension and connections to the main system.

Compliance & Testing

GDHV electric towel rails are BEAB certified, exceeding the safety and compliance requirements of the UK. For example, lowering the maximum surface temperature below the allowable limit to offer extra safety, without compromising on the efficiency of the units. GDHV electric towel rails have a rating of IPX5, for safe use in bathrooms.

Product Specification

Electric towel rails are a low cost, easy to install solution to provide evenly distributed heating and dry towel convenience. Sizes and finishes vary to suit any bathroom design. 


Product Range Model

Output (W)












60W  616  533  93  4.2 Chrome 
  TTRC130  90W  851  533  93  4.8 Chrome 
  TTRC150  120W  851 787 93  5.8 Chrome 
  TTRS120 120W  616 533  93  4.4 White
  TTRS175 175W 851  533  93  4.8 White
CPTS Stepped 120W  800  400  120 7.4 Chrome 
TDTR TDTR175W  175W 610  453 80-100 6 White
  TDTR350W  350W 843  602  95-115  11 White
  TDTR175C  120W  610  453 80-100  6 Chrome 
  TDTR350C 250W 843  602  95-115 11 Chrome 
BR BR150C  150/320W 665  430  155  6.5 Chrome 
  BR350C  350/750W  1003 630  155  13 Chrome 
  BR400C  400/840W 1003 630  155  15 Chrome 
BPH * BPH100M  1000 1100  430 265 9.7

Metal and


*bathroom panel heater – IP25, Lot 20 and ERP compliant


Technical Resources

For technical and product information, including spec sheets, BIM files and installation guides please visit our Technical Resource page..

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Application Design

Our team of engineers can offer recommendations on the entire HVAC system design, including an energy source such as a heat pump or a specific application such as the Edel hot water heat pump or the Zeroth low temperature network. All of our application designs are project specific.

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For more information on GDHV electric towel rail range or to discuss other emitters or a complete HVAC system design to the exact project specification, contact our team of experts.

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