What are the different types of fan coil units?

There are four types of fan coil units (FCUs); horizontal chassis above a ceiling void, horizontal exposed, underfloor and vertical wall mounted units.

All options offer a similar level of performance and can deliver heating and cooling, heating only and cooling only, so specification generally comes down to the design requirements and ensuring the building’s demands are met.

Horizontal above a ceiling void fan coils

Ideal for new build developments or as a retrofit option where the units need to (or can be) concealed in the ceiling void. Fan coils in this type of installation can work slightly harder per unit as acoustics are buffered by the ceiling and any other insulating layers reducing noise levels in space below.  

Horizontal exposed fan coils

Popular as part of an industrial inspired design within offices, restaurants or reception areas. Exposed fan coil design revolves around how the units look and the requirements for installation to align with the aesthetics of interior spaces. Another consideration when exposing fan coils is acoustics. As there is no longer something to insulate any noise produced, you may need to specify larger units working at a lower rate or utilising attenuators to meet the required demands to ensure limited disruption to occupants.


Blurred office interior ceiling


Underfloor fan coils

A perimeter solution used in conjunction with displacement ventilation system to combat drafts and solar gains from glazed facades or curtain walls. Underfloor fan coils also allow greater floor to ceiling heights for more spacious designs.  

All buildings have a raised floor/false floor so submerging those units and then it means that there is the less 

Wall mounted fan coils

Ideal for refurbishments where low ceiling heights limit installation within the void, in which case a vertical unit can either be mounted within a false wall or cabinet, using a chassis type or can be supplied with a case. The units can be mounted either at low level or high on the wall.

Fan coil units offer a dynamic and discreet solution to meet demands in all types of applications and development, providing a comfortable indoor environment for occupants. They can be controlled centrally or on a room by room basis and, in some instances, manufacturers will offer controls that can manage temperature for multiple rooms in a single unit.

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