What is EN 15316?

What is EN 15316?

EN 15316 offers guidelines that set out a common calculation method to estimate the energy use and energy performance of heating systems in buildings. The values are calculated for the whole installation and help to analyse the impact on energy performance. The values also help to establish energy performance indicators such as the Seasonal Performance Factor (SPF).


SPF and heat pump efficiency

SPF is an empirical measurement derived from EN 15316 as the ratio of the heat output and heat input. Although this uses the same formula as the Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP), the SPF calculation goes further. The SPF considers variations in performance over a heating season in the UK as determined in hourly measured temperature indicators. The dwelling heat loss and the hours of operation are considered.

Essentially, SPF describes the ratio of energy supplied to the building by the heat pump, and the electricity used by that heat pump, together with any other system devices. In addition to measuring, SPF can also be used to forecast the efficiency of a specific installation. Although calculating a notional SPF is more difficult.

SPF and on-site renewable indicators

The SPF helps to calculate the renewable portion of the heat pump output. The UK’s commitment to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 is supported by efforts of decarbonising our energy supply and improving the energy efficiency of our buildings. Traditional heating systems will increasingly struggle to achieve this compliance given that the new legislation aims for an increase in energy efficiency and a reduction of carbon emissions. The SPF is not an exhaustive indicator of heat pump system performance. But SPF can help to model energy efficiency of a proposed heating system solution and provide a crucial tool to correct heat pump system specification.

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