Which is the most effective fan coil?

It really isn’t down to which fan coil unit is more effective but rather which is best suited for the design and specification of a building, as well as the base level design requirements that impact the selection of which solution will be best. It is important this information is accurate as it is what a manufacture will use to build their recommendations.




Key design requirements

These design requirements are crucial in enabling a manufacturer to recommend the best solution for your project. Essential design factors include:

  • Chilled and hot water flow and return temperatures
  • Summer and winter air temperatures to the back of the unit
  • External resistance
  • Noise levels
  • Installed in a ceiling, exposed, underfloor or wall mounted
  • Where the spigots are going to be located
  • Height or width restrictions

Fan coil units are a versatile and dynamic solution for commercial and high-rise residential developments, both new build or refurbishment projects. Whether it is a design feature or purely functional, making sure care is taken at the beginning to get the right design requirements will ensure the most effective solution is specified on a project. Also making sure you go with a trusted manufacturer who can offer initial design and technical support (both on- and off- site), products tested for performance to ensure they can meet relevant design requirements, onsite training and post installation support, will ensure the best results for your project.


Fan coil unit matrix


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