Zeroth Energy System

Combining a refrigerant-free low temperature network and in-apartment heat pumps to provide HVAC services to residential apartments

 Designed for:


M&E Engineers


The Industry

The system’s development was based on the input and requests of industry-leading developers, resulting in a HVAC solution for apartment developments which considers both system performance and design practicality.

The Environment

The Zeroth Energy System addresses the growing need for carbon reducing solutions, whilst embracing the future of the decarbonising electrical grid.

Residential Apartments

The Zeroth Energy System provides low carbon heating, cooling and hot water services to residential spaces, using a low temperature network of water-water, in-apartment heat pumps.

"At a time when the industry is looking to go electric, it is good to see how innovation such as the Zeroth system takes full advantage of grid decarbonisation to help buildings achieve better compliance standards and improve thermal comfort."

- Michael Lim, AECOM


Suitable for offsite prefabrication, including utility pods


Flexible choice of plant technology, apartment controls and hydronic emitters


Up to a 50% reduction in plant room footprint

up to 90%

Reduces overheating in communal areas and peak heat losses by up to 90%

cost effective

Cost effective comfort cooling through a two-pipe system

greater than 300%

System efficiency of greater than 300% when modelled with an air source heat pump in SAP 2012

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Product Specification 

Case Study 

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Find out how the Zeroth Energy System:

  • Can be applied to your design
  • Relates to different elements of building compliance, including the London Plan
  • Performed in our extensive testing of the solution

We also have a CIBSE approved CPD on the benefits of low temperature networks which we would be happy present for you.

zeroth ebook

Benefitting from a low temperature network

Over recent years our city landscapes have changed as high rise, high density residential developments have increased. But recently, as Part L requirements have become increasingly stricter, building designers are progressively needing to seek alternatives to traditional HVAC strategies.

zeroth ebook

The benefits of low temperature networks in residential apartments

To meet increasingly stricter compliance targets, building designers are progressively needing to seek alternatives to traditional HVAC strategies, especially within high-rise residential projects.


R&D initiatives are co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Enterprise Ireland under the Border, Midland and Western Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020.


The Zeroth Energy system is a product solution aimed at delivering reversible heat pump technology and other compatible accessories including fan coils, MVHR and SmartRad into high density residential and commercial buildings.